Hello darkness my old friend

The top picture is taken from the veranda on a cottage we rented on Gotland, Sweden in the summer of 2006.


It was taken about one hour after sunset just before the nightjars began their hunt for insects.


It was a warm evening with no wind at all, we had these conditions 3 evenings in a row, then wind came up, and we had bats in stead of nightjars.


This has until now been my first and only encounter with nightjars.


More to come under Travelling.



This is my first serious attempt on producing a home page. Until I learn more, I'll stick to using mono. You can have a look for yourself on how mono works by clicking the 'm' below the page.


Since I just started to build this home page on March the 4'th 2008, a lot of it will be under construction and unfinished.


I hope it will be an inspiration for people wanting to visit some of the places we have been to.


My hope is to produce decent wildlife pictures in time. As of now, I can produce technically ok images, but that doesn't make it art. Since I have produced decent landscape images, I hope it is only a matter of time.


About this page

This site will have pages in at least 3 languages: Danish, German, and English. On top of that maybe Plattdeutsche and Sønderjyske pages will appear.

Most parts of this site will be open to the public.

The two sections under Koch familien and Familie Kruse - Maack are private and only accessible if you have a userid and a password.

If you should happen to be a member of one of these families, you can request access when the login page is presented.

I will then give you access to the pages if I do agree with you :-).


The site name "kiek an" is Plattdeutsch and means something like "Oh, I see".

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